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Krishi Ka Rishi

Friends, Green Revolution is being called as a revolution. Is it so? Is Green Revolution a revolution? What is meant by revolution ? Revolution means creation. Non-violent creation! Revolution does not mean destruction. It means creation. The aim of revolution is to make saints not evils. Green Revolution is the transformation process of violence. It is not a creation process. It means destruction of millions of micro-organisms by means of poisonous chemical fertilizers & insecticides, destruction of birds, soil, water, environment & human health also. The increasing human diseases like Cancer, Aids, Diabetics, and Heart attacks are the outcomes of the Green Revolution. The destruction of the human being! The fertile land which was producing hundred tones of Sugarcane per acre or forty quintals of Wheat per acre had become so barren that even grass can not be grown on this land. And this happens to thousands of acre land in India. The production had declined to ten tones of Sugarcane and five quintals of Wheat.

What about human health? Was there Aids, Cancer, Diabetics and Heart attacks before fifty years? No! And even if it was there, it was in much less number. Today these diseases are increasing so vigorously that we are at the bank of the destruction of whole living being. What are the reasons for it? This dangerous, poisonous and destructive Green Revolution! The output of the Green Revolution is only destruction - the destruction of soil, water, environment and human health. And if it is so, then this Green Revolution is not a revolution. How it can be called as revolution?  It is not a revolution. It is a worldwide scandal to exploit the farmers and rural economy.

How this Green Revolution is created? There are some persons in this world, who want to increase their wealth without fatigue. They want to see themselves at the top. But the God has not given them creation power. It is in the hand of nature. How they will increase it, if they cannot create the wealth. That means if they want to increase their wealth then they have to robbed or exploit someone. And that happened. They choose the way of exploitation to increase their wealth. But where there is creation, there only one can exploit. And the creation is in Agriculture only, not in the industries. Therefore, exploitation can be done in  agriculture only. If we are seeding a grain of sesame, we get four thousand grains of sesame from that plant. If we are seeding a grain of paddy, we get thousands of grains of paddy from that plant. So here is the creation and hence exploitation. Exploitation is in agriculture only, not in the industries. Because in the industries, there is no creation but the transformation process. If you want to produce any product and for it if you are feeding hundred kilograms of raw material to the machine, then the final product from the machine will not be of 100 kilogram. It will be of 98 or 95 kilogram. So here is decrease and where there is decrease exploitation cannot be there. Exploitation can only be of the agriculture and rural economy. Therefore, they created an exploiter system named as Green Revolution.

They thought if they want to exploit the framers then they must commit the farmers for purchasing. For that the farmer should come to cities. And whenever he comes to cities for purchasing, money will flow from village to cities and then ultimately to the exploiter system. The aim of Green Revolution was to commit the farmers or villagers to purchase every commodity from cities. This exploiter system thought that no commodity should be produced in the village. Village industries should be closed and all the villagers should come to cities for purchasing.

They not only destroyed our rural economy but our judiciary village council system also so that the villagers will come to the cities for their judicial work. They made the judicial system so complicated that it will take years to get the justice and money will flow continuously from village to cities. Our ancient judiciary system was so prosperous that the perfect justice was given as they were well known about the convict. They knew whether the convict is guilty or not, whether he is virtuous or criminal. Therefore, the justice was given perfectly and in the village itself. However, this exploiter system has destroyed this judiciary system of the villages and shifted it to cities. The judge will consider that truth which the advocate puts in the court whether it may be truth or not as the advocate only knows what he has been told by the convict. Secondly, they divided the judiciary system into various fractions as District Court, High Court, Supreme Court etc so that it will take more time to get the justice, the villagers will have to come to city repeatedly, and the money will flow towards cities.

Another aim of Green Revolution was to destroy our ancient medicinal practices, so that farmers or villagers will have to come to cities for medical treatment. God had given a wonderful gift of resistance power to the human being. This resistive power restricts the diseases to come. In the intestine of our body, there are some useful bacteria’s, which develops resistance power against diseases. But these bacteria’s are destroyed by means of antibiotics. This exploiter system had imposed on us the allopathic system by means of modern medical science as like Green Revolution. It was a well-planned scandal to destroy the resistive power by means of antibiotics. So that our resistive power will be loosed and disease will affect us. They committed us to purchase these modern costlier medicines so that money will flow towards cities. They destroyed our ancient medicinal practices like Aurveda, Homeopathy, Unani therapy, Twelve Kshar method etc, which were more effective than this allopathic. The fees of these medical collages are too high that no student from the villages can afford it and so there will not be any medical aids in the villages and villagers have to come to cities for medical aids. Therefore, that money will flow towards cities.

This system was well known that the farmers do not purchase anything from the city. All their needs are fulfilled in the village only. He has his own seeds. He uses cow dung as fertilizer, cow urine and Neem leaves as insecticides. He came to city only for selling his agricultural produce. I am talking about hundred years be fore’s situation. They must have to compel farmers for purchasing. They thought that where the farmer sees miracle, he surrenders. They thought that this Indian farmer sows his own seeds, which gives fewer yields. For example, local paddy yields per acre fifteen to eighteen quintals; local wheat yields per acre six to ten quintals. They thought that if they give such a miraculous variety that yields forty to fifty quintals of paddy, then the farmers will definitely purchase this hybrid variety. Their inner lust will commit them to purchase this hybrid seeds. He will come to city for purchasing this costlier hybrid seeds and money will flow towards city from villages.

However, they thought that the farmers should not only purchase the seeds but every commodity from the city. So they established such an exploiter system that the farmers have to purchase these hybrid seeds which will give more yield only after applying the chemical fertilizers. Therefore, the farmers have to purchase both hybrid seeds and chemical fertilizers also. But these hybrid seeds are developed in such a manner that they have no resistance power against insects and diseases. The chemical fertilizers are developed such that they will destroy the soil biota and will make the land barren, loose the resistance power. And as the land becomes barren, the crops grown in it will affect from diseases. Then the farmers have to purchase the poisonous insecticides and fungicides to control the diseases. These chemical fertilizers will make the soil so compact that the farmer has to use tractor for cultivation, as the wooden plough will not work. Thus, more money will come to city from the villages.

Again, they thought that this farmer is so poor that he has no purchasing power. But they were well known that the farmer would purchase even an elephant on credit. Therefore, they thought why not to give them this seeds, chemical fertilizers, insecticides, and tractors on loan. Therefore, they started banks, credit societies.  A well-planned exploiter system was developed to commit the farmers to purchase the seeds, fertilizers, insecticides, tractors etc known as Green Revolution.

They started Agriculture Universities for developing hybrid seeds. They made good use of the closed chemical factories producing Bombs, Gunpowder after Second World War for making chemical fertilizers and insecticides. Agriculture Universities and Government Agricultural Research Institutes are diverted towards developing modern agricultural techniques and these techniques are propagated into the farmers by means of Government’s Agriculture Department. A trap of co-operative societies and District co-operative banks was created for giving debts to the farmers. They made the laws such that if the farmer fails to return the loan, their property will be seized and he will loose his self-respect.

Before Green Revolution, every commodity needed by the farmer or labour was made in the village only. Every village was having their own small industries. There were weavers, oil millers, smithers, shoemakers and craftsmen in every village working traditionally. No commodity was purchased from outside (except salt). The raw material needed for these rural industries was prepared in the villages only. Not a single rupee was going to cities from villages.However, the money was coming to village when farmers sold their produce to the cities. This exploiters system destroyed these rural industries by bringing cheaper items by means of Industrial Revolution. This Green Revolution created a well-planned well-controlled trap around the farmers. A maze is created around the farmers named as Green Revolution.

Agriculture Universities forced the farmers to enter in this maze of green revolution by means of modern agricultural technology. But they have not shown the way to come out from this maze. Green Revolution had polluted the land, water, environment and human health also. Green Revolution had forced the farmers towards destruction and suicide. Green Revolution increased the debt on the farmers. The farmer’s dose not got the correct price for their produce. They established such system that made the farmers unable to come out of this debt. The farmers lost their self-respect, their credits in the society and finally committed suicide. There was no other way before them than suicide. The outcome of the Green Revolution is the thousands of suicides of the farmers.

Our central government had given the package of thousand crore rupees to restrict the suicides. However, this package is forcing the farmers towards suicide instead of restricting it. Because this package have not considered the real reasons behind the suicides. Giving increasingly debt to the farmers is not the solution for suicides. This will not restrict the suicides but will increase it. None of the youth from village will go for agriculture. They will run towards cities in search of jobs. They will sell their lands to the big companies and these companies will destroy the self-reliant agriculture system by means of modern and mechanized agriculture practices. If we want to restrict the suicides then we have to give the farmers such technique, in which there will be no need to take debt to the farmers. The outcome of the Green Revolution i.e. Chemical farming and now a days Organic farming had forced the farmers to purchase everything, destroyed the nature’s self reliant, self developing system and finally towards suicide. But, do not worry. I have come with the way to come out of this suicide maze of Green Revolution- Zero Budget of Natural Farming.

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