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Krishi Ka Rishi

How to Prepare Bramhastra (Bramha Missile)

Take a pot.

Add 10 liter Local Cow Urine in it.

Crush 3 Kg of Neem Leaves & add this Neem pulp in this water.


Neem Custard Apple Guava Lantena Camella


Custard Apple


Lantena Camella





White Dhotara


Then Add 2 Kg pulps of Sitafal (Custard apple) leaves, 2 Kg pulps of Papaya leaves, 2 Kg Pomegranate leaves pulp, 2 Kg of Guava (Jam, Peru) leaves pulps, 2 Kg Lantena Camella leaves pulp & 2 Kg White Dhatura leaves Pulp in it. (Use Lantana Camella and Dhatura leaves if available)

Then boil this solution for 5 times.

Filter this by cloth.
Let this solution to ferment for 24 Hrs.

Spray this medicine on the trees to control all the sucking pests, pod borer, fruit borer etc. For spraying take this medicine Bramhastra 2 liter in the 100 liter water.

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