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How to Prepare Jiwamrita

Take 200 liter Water in barrel.

Take 10 Kg Local Cow Dung and 5 to 10 liter cow urine and add it in the water.

Then add 2 Kg Jaggery, 2 Kg Pulses flour & handful soil from the bund of the farm in it.

Then stir the solution well & keep it to ferment for 48 hours in the shadow.Now Jiwamrita is ready for application.

Jiwamrita Application

Apply the Jiwamrita to the crops with each Irrigation water OR directly to the crops.

Jiwamrita Spray

Spray 10% filtered Jiwamrita on the crops.


Take 100 Kg Local Cow Dung, 2 Kg Jaggery, 2 Kg Pulses flour, Handful soil from the bund. Then mix it well by adding small amount of Cow Urine. Then spread it & keep it in the shadow for drying. Afterwards make its powder by hand & apply to the crops in the proportion of 100 Kg FYM & 10 Kg Ghan-Jiwamrita

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